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What is the Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador Program is a program where you can earn money by sharing the Two Fisted Drinker brand.

How does it work?

We will provide you with a unique link to our site. When someone uses that link and makes a purchase – even up to 30 days after using your link –  we pay you for those sales!

What is the commission?

You will receive 15% of every product that is sold on the Two Fisted Drinker site that is referred to us by you. Example – sell a $20 item and you will earn $3. Sell a gift box and earn $6.60!

Where can I promote my link?

You can post it to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, your blog…you get the idea.  Anywhere you can post and share a link!

How will I get paid?

We pay you via PayPal.  As sales happen, so do your payments.

Anything else I need to know?

Glad you asked. Well…no harm no foul.  You post the link and sell a bunch of mugs, you get a bunch of money.  You post a link and no mugs are sold, all you have invested were a few seconds to post a link.  However, our mugs are highly rated on Amazon and very popular.  We believe that you can earn money promoting our patented mug design.

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